Saving the Leopards of Rajasthan


I lost my wife Lilian in April 2014 after a 4 year battle against breast cancer. At the time I couldn`t see a way forward until I settled in Rajasthan and discovered her beloved leopards still live in the beautiful Aravali Mountains around my new home in Udaipur.


They have been driven deep into the hills by India`s population growth and much of their habitat and prey base has been lost forever, yet they hang in there! They have been forced into a situation where they have no option but to include domestic stock in their diet, which creates conflict with the Rabari herdsmen, who have been nomadic grazers since ancient times. Traditionally the Rabari poison a leopard kill.


The objective of the Trust will be to immediately compensate the Rabari for stock losses due to leopards. In return they will desist from poisoning leopard kills.


Until such time as the Trust is duly registered, (paperwork being legendary in India!), I will personally compensate the Rabari for losses in line with the Trust`s objectives.


Mike Luck