I was born in South Africa and grew up in and around the Kruger Park. Despite having a successful Law practice at the Cape of Good Hope Bar I have always been in the bush as often as I could, eventually selling my practice and buying land on the boundary of the Kruger and guiding privately from the mid `90s.


Whilst being an avid naturalist of “all things great and small”, from the time I was a young lad I had developed a passion for the big cats, especially leopards, which I have spent countless hours tracking.


Following the death of my wife Lilian from breast cancer I sold up our farm in the Kruger and fulfilled a lifelong ambition of extended safaris in India in the land of Kipling from my childhood.


Naturally Tigers were new and I targeted these magnificent cats throughout Madhya Pradesh, as well as Asiatic Lion in the Gujarat. My biggest thrill, however was tracking (and finding) wild leopard living outside of the national park system in the stunning Aravali Mountains of my adopted Rajasthan!


I am in the process of forming the Lilian luck Memorial Trust for the leopards of Rajasthan to minimize man animal conflict between the Rabari Herdsmen of the area and my beloved leopards and have settled an amount of $10 000 upon the trust for rapid compensation of stock losses in return for which the Rabari will stop poisoning leopards as they have done for centuries.


I now live in the gorgeous Rajasthani city of Udaipur surrounded by happy cows!